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Winlet 400 series – get the glazing robot that fits your needs exactly

The Winlet 400 series is a versatile range of glazing robots lifting up to 500 kg. They are designed to cover every need that may arise during installations of windows and glass. In this series the vital parts of the machines are custom made so you choose what kind of wheels, lifting arm, front and control system you need for the job.

Product key – configurations of the Winlet 400 series

The abbreviations in the product name of the specific Winlet 400 tells you which configuration the specific model consists of.

Choose between:

CL (Compact Lifter) = Narrow wheels
TL (Terrain Lifter) = Wide wheels

MAC (Multi Axis Control) = Control system with preset speedlevels controlling more than one hydraulic function at a time.
PSAC (Proportional Single Axis Control) = Control system with 100% stepless speed control of one hydraulic function at a time.

SHB (Single Hydraulic Boom) = Single stroke telescopic profiles
DHB (Double Hydraulic Boom) = Double stroke telescopic profiles

HV (Hydraulic Vertical lift) = Front with hydraulic lift up/down
HS (Hydraulic Side shift) = Front with hydraulic side shift

Choose between compact or wide wheels (CL/TL)

All Winlet 400 glazing robots are available with either narrow or wide wheels.

If you choose the narrow wheels you get a compact machine that is designed to operate in confined space and therefore is ideal for indoor installations.

If you choose the larger and wider wheels you get an extremely stable machine that is ideal for outdoor installations in different kinds of terrain.

Hydraulic boom with single or double stroke telescopic profiles (SHB/DHB)

Choose a single hydraulic boom (1 x 500 mm) for greater lifting capacity or choose a double hydraulic boom (2 x 500 mm) for extra reach. Both are naturally hydraulic and can be extended with load in the suction cups. This means that it is not necessary to manually extend the arm before you start lifting, as seen on many other glazing robots on the market.

Two types of fronts on your glazing robot (HV/HS)

You can choose between two types of fronts on your Winlet 400 glazing robot. The first type is with 100% hydraulic linear movements up/down and manual linear movements from side to side.

As an alternative you can choose a front with only hydraulic side shift – naturally with 100% hydraulic linear movements which is crucial when installing with millimeter precision.

Control systems with optimal control of the glazing robot (MAC/PSAC)

As something completely new and exciting we have developed a brand-new control system. It is called MAC (Multi Axis Control) and as the name implies you can control more hydraulic functions at a time. Three preset speed levels (10% – 50% – 100%) ensures that you have the possibility to take advantage of the higher speed levels which only is available with 100% hydraulic machines.

Winlet 400 is of course still available with the familiar Winlet controls where you choose which hydraulic cylinder you wish to move and then control the speed 100% proportional with millimeter precision.

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