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Would you like to come and see our extensive range of lifting equipment?

Then stop by our large showroom in Bredsten. Here, our skilled employees are ready to guide you in our various products. If you would like to have a demonstration of the equipment at your place, that is also possible.

ErgoMover – easy lifting of plasterboards and other building material

The ErgoMover is the original electric transport trolley that is designed to cope with the heavy loads on site.

The ErgoMover is designed to transport and handle full stacks of plasterboards and to transport all other building materials in spaces where it is not possible to use forklift trucks or other machines equipped with forks.

ErgoMover is the only product on the market that comes in many different configurations – depending on your actual need.

The ErgoMover is available in three main versions:

ErgoMover Go and ErgoMover Lift & Go are also available with remote control:

All models have the following in common:

  • Great traction
  • Long battery life
  • Crab control (front and rear axles turn simultaneously)
  • Safety switch on the drive function
  • Emergency stop
  • Easy access to fuses etc.

What does an ErgoMover cost?

Because we offer many different configurations of the ErgoMover, the price will depend on which specific products you are interested in.

We offer an ErgoMover from: € 7.950,-

Are you interested in a demonstration of what the ErgoMover can do? Make an appointment with us today.


Transport trolley without hydraulic load lifting.

The model is available with a standard top or special top, e.g. for the transport of glass racks or road plates.


Transport trolley with hydraulic lifting of platform used for loading e.g. plasterboards onto trestles. This model is also available with a rotatable top.


Transport trolley with hydraulic lifting of platform. This model makes it possible to load e.g. plasterboards onto trestles and place them in a vertical position using the 90-degree tilt function.


ErgoLoader – the efficient mobile plate rack with wheels that can receive an entire pallet of plasterboards (42 sheets) in the upright position directly from the ErgoMover Manipulator.


The ErgoMounter is a unique plasterboard mounting trolley for ergonomic and efficient fitting of drywalling.

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