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Winlet 350TH – for mounting windows in multi-storey buildings

The Winlet 350TH is a unique vacuum lift for mounting on the forks of your telescopic loader or other machine equipped with forks. You can therefore fit the Winlet 350TH to all types of machines without any special mechanical quick-change couplings. With its unique wireless control, all functions are easily controlled even if you lift in heights of several meters.

Straight to the top!

The Winlet 350TH is designed for mounting windows in high-rise buildings, where the height requirements are too large for the standard Winlet or where other building site conditions make access difficult. The Winlet 350TH comes with fork pockets that fit on all machines, with quick conversion to telescopic loaders. In addition, it has an autonomous hydraulic system which means it can operate independently of construction machines.

Maximum load capacity and safety

Winlet 350TH has 350 kg lifting capacity and has a 2-circuit vacuum system to provide additional safety. The telescopic function with an impressive 500 mm reach also allows for the installation of components in places that are inaccessible to other machines.

Pictures of Winlet 350TH

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