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What our customers say

Read about our customers’ experiences with our special solutions

“Our new lifting equipment from GMV ensures a good working environment for our employees. GMV led the project with great competence all the way from beginning to end.”

Kim Pedersen, CEO, Modulex Billund, Denmark.

“Before it required 3-4 people to lift and handle the worktops, but with the Winlet 600 one person can easily do the job – without straining their back at any point.”

Dan Nielsen, Production and safety representative,KUMA

    Customized solutions

    GMV A/S is focused on delivering lifting gear that is adapted to the individual customer.

    If one of our many standard solutions does not match your needs, our development department can, in consultation with you, identify which work processes need to be optimized and what requirements this imposes on the lifting equipment.

    A design project will typically include the following 4 steps :

    • Requirements specification
    • Design presentation and budget
    • Production and testing
    • Delivery and installation

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