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We know how important it is that the lifting equipment you have available works perfectly every day and that they comply with all requirements from the authorities.

According to local orders from Occupational Health & Safety Administrations, safety checks must be performed regularly – including load tests of all types of cranes and hoists. ​

By using GMV to carry out the annual inspection, you are assured that the inspection is carried out by qualified personnel with years of experience. After the inspection we provide a service report, which states what has been checked. Cranes and hoists are equipped with a label, which states when inspection and load test has been carried out.

If you are located outside GMVs service area, you can contact one of our trained partners.

Service agreement

At GMV we offer a comprehensive service agreement so you can be sure that your lifting equipment always works perfectly.

  • We implement a yearly safety check which fully lives up to all requirements and are carried out on time. The safety check applies to all Winlet, ErgoMover and Handling products.
  • The service agreement is free of charge, but you pay a start up fee, any transportation costs, the service technicians working hours and any spare parts needed.

If you are located outside our service area, please contact us and we will find a trained partner near you.

Fast delivery of spare parts

All spare parts can be shipped directly from our stock the same day the order is placed, if ordered before 1 pm.

Service & remote support

We are always ready to help if unforeseen problems should arise with your lifting equipment. We offer to repair your equipment at our factory or at your location.

Should you experience crashes or breakdowns in your daily operations or encounter other types of problems, we are always available for inqueries.

We also offer online remote support on all our Winlet glasslifters. This means that we can help and solve issues by accessing software installed on the machines.


We offer training to all our partners with a complete run-through of all technical specifications and general use of our equipment.

”Winlet Lasius has been a success all around for us. All employees have been very satisfied with the great efficiency and relief the machine has added to their workday which normally includes many manual lifts”

Henrik Lenskjold, Operations Manager, Inrotech A/S

”Our new window lift solves 95% of the mounting jobs we have with windows and we are very satisfied with our new Winlet 350″

Anders Klinkby, Owner, Klinkby Træbyg

“The ErgoMover concept has been a great help for us in handling and mounting plasterboards. At the end of a working day we are not at all as tired and worn out as usual.”

Tonni Jensen, Carpenter Chairman, Børge Jacobsen A/S

“Before it required 3-4 people to lift and handle the worktops, but with the Winlet 600 one person can easily do the job – without straining their back at any point.”

Dan Nielsen, Production and safety representative,KUMA

“The productivity and safety advantages provided by Winlet glazing robots are phenomenal and well-documented.”

Phillip Hird, Managing Director,HIRD (UK Winlet distributor)

“Highly recommend this equipment for anyone working with heavy glass units in rough terrain.

Very easy to manoeuvre and control with different speed settings from very slow moves in thight space to fast speed for moving about in open space. It also has a fully operational head, which moves along all axes, making it easier to position the glass.

As easy as playing the Playstation or Xbox. Looking forward to working with it again!”

Radoslaw Wroblewski, Managing Director,Sparrow Construction
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