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“The ErgoMover concept has been a great help for us in handling and mounting plasterboards. At the end of a working day we are not at all as tired and worn out as usual.”

Tonni Jensen, Tømrerformand, Børge Jacobsen A/S

ErgoMover Manipulator – with 90-degree tilt function for plasterboards

The ErgoMover Manipulator is a unique self-propelled plasterboard trolley which, besides being able to set down stacks of plasterboards on trestles, can also raise a stack of plasterboards to the vertical position. Boards can be set down on an ErgoLoader, so the ErgoMover is free to pick up another stack or the stack can be left on the ErgoMover and be mounted on the wall individually with the ErgoMounter. The ErgoMover Manipulator, Ergoloader and ErgoMounter are three unique units that together form a system for conveniently transporting whole stacks of plasterboards all the way from the truck to the wall without at any time requiring manual lifting of a single board.

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Vertical position

The ErgoMover Manipulator is the only machine on the market that can raise a full stack of plasterboards from horizontal to vertical position. When used in combination with the ErgoLoader and ErgoMounter systems, plasterboard can be transported directly from the truck for wall mounting – without ever straining the back!


All lifting and tilting functions are driven by a powerful electric hydraulic system with built-in safety features.

The ErgoMover Manipulator has been developed in collaboration with professional users and meets all requirements for safe and reliable operation.

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