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Movomech – vacuum lifters for all purposes

At GMV we distribute the complete range of lifters and accessories from Movomech.

For all industries

Movomech lifts are available in many designs for use in many industries :

  • In the warehouse
  • Transport and logistics
  • Food-processing and pharmaceutical industries
  • Manufacturing companies

Large range of accessories

We have a large selection of standardized accessories for all lifters. Since the systems are modular, it is also easy to expand them retrospectively.

The suction foot is one of the most important components of a complete solution. We have many different suction feet that suit most types of products. If none of the standard suction feet is suitable, we can always offer a customized solution.

Find the right lifting equipment


Movomech lifters are ideal for use in the warehouse.

For example, for lifting of cardboard boxes, sacks, rolls of paper or plastic, cans and many other items.

The only limit is your imagination!


Movomech’s solutions can handle everything from incoming goods through storage and order picking to shipment.


Handling everything from cheese, sausage, frozen or fresh meats to bags of flour, etc. easily managed by Movomech lifting equipment.

Lifters can be supplied according to specific needs.

Versions made of stainless steel (SS) or for use in ATEX environments are just two examples.


Movomech lifters come with many different types of grippers and can therefore be used to lift virtually anything.

Whether it’s doors, windows, large metal sheets, solar panels, plastic boxes or completely different items. Large, small, round, rectangular- we always have just the right suction foot or grab.

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