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“Before it required 3-4 people to lift and handle the worktops, but with the Winlet 600 one person can easily do the job – without straining their back at any point.”

Dan Nielsen, Production and safety representative,KUMA

Movomech – lightweight overhead travelling cranes in aluminum

GMV deliver lightweight overhead rail systems with load capacities of up to 500 kg.

The use of an overhead travelling crane ensures ergonomically correct coverage is achieved throughout the crane’s operation area, due to the possibility of working both longitudinally and transversely. The crane can be fitted with various types of lifting equipment, such as a chain hoist or pneumatic manipulator.


If ceiling mounting is appropriate, the overhead travelling crane can be mounted with special handing fittings which are adapted to the individual roof structure. If the ceiling structure cannot support the crane, it is possible to use a free-standing gantry system which is mounted in the floor.

Mechrail aluminum rail system

Mechrail is available in many different sizes, so it can easily be adapted to lifting tasks where the loads range from a few kilograms up to several hundred kg. The rail system has a very low weight, which makes Mechrail extremely easy to handle. Mechrail is also modular, so that all systems can later be expanded or reused in case the traverse system at some point must be relocated.


Our bestselling light-weight rail system is the smooth running aluminum rail system Mechrail from Movomech, with high Swedish quality.

    • Low own weight
    • Easy to handle
    • Modular design

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