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Self-propelled plate trolley with electric drive and hydraulic lift

The ErgoMover Lift & Go is the original trolley with electric drive and hydraulic lift of the flat bed, which has been developed to replace the manual plasterboard carriers and assist the many manual lifts which often take place at a construction site.

The trolley has a powerful electric motor, 4-wheel steering and is suitable for driving off-road and on construction sites.

Large capacity

The ErgoMover Lift & Go can lift the platform by 150mm which makes it ideal for placing plasterboards on trestles without straining your back. It can transport and lift an impressive 1.500 kg.

Customized ErgoMover Lift & Go models:

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New! ErgoMover with Remote Control.

ErgoMover Lift & Go lifting plasterboards and wooden plates.

ErgoMover Lift & Go used for laying floor.

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