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“Highly recommend this equipment for anyone working with heavy glass units in rough terrain…”

Radoslaw Wroblewski, Managing Director, Sparrow Construction

Winlet Lasius 550 – Compact Pick & Carry crane

Looking for a Pick & Carry crane that packs power and efficient lifting into a smaller frame? Winlet Lasius 550 is the agile solution for tight spaces and efficient lifting needs. Designed to excel where larger cranes struggle.

Compact yet mighty

With its compact design, the Winlet Lasius 550 navigates through narrow spaces with ease, making it the ideal choice for projects where maneuverability is key.

Winlet Lasius 550 is ideal for:
• Installation of steel beams
• Glass and facade installation
• Machine assembly
• Repair work
• and much more.

Efficient and environmental friendly

Its unique performance capabilities allow you to complete tasks faster and with greater precision, maximizing productivity and minimizing downtime.

Environmental Friendly
Because the Winlet Lasius is battery-powered and therefore does not emit harmful exhaust gases, it can be used indoors without causing environmental problems.

Pictures and video of Winlet Lasius 550

  • “Highly recommend this equipment for anyone working with heavy glass units in rough terrain.

    Very easy to manoeuvre and control with different speed settings from very slow moves in thight space to fast speed for moving about in open space. It also has a fully operational head, which moves along all axes, making it easier to position the glass.

    As easy as playing the Playstation or Xbox. Looking forward to working with it again!”

    Radoslaw Wroblewski, Managing Director,Sparrow Construction
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