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“Highly recommend this equipment for anyone working with heavy glass units in rough terrain…”

Radoslaw Wroblewski, Managing Director, Sparrow Construction

Winlet 1000 – lifts 1 tonne

The Winlet 1000 is the largest glass lift with wheel drive and like the Winlet 785 has an impressive reach and the unique double extension of the arm makes the machine extremely compact during transportation.

User-friendly, compact design

The Winlet 1000 has a lifting capacity of 1,000 kg and the unique power assisted steering makes it extremely easy to maneuver on site.

The compact design of Winlet 1000 allows it to be used in spaces that are too confined for other machines and systems.

Safety first

Winlet 1000 is equipped with a unique safety monitoring system meaning that the position of the front of the machine is always known and communicated to the Winlet controller, thereby avoiding dangerous situations.

Pictures and video of Winlet 1000

  • “Highly recommend this equipment for anyone working with heavy glass units in rough terrain.

    Very easy to manoeuvre and control with different speed settings from very slow moves in thight space to fast speed for moving about in open space. It also has a fully operational head, which moves along all axes, making it easier to position the glass.

    As easy as playing the Playstation or Xbox. Looking forward to working with it again!”

    Radoslaw Wroblewski, Managing Director,Sparrow Construction
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