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The Winlet 575 – with unique gyro-function

The Winlet 575 window lift is the smallest of our fully hydraulic window and glass lifts with a load capacity of 575 kg.

As with the larger lifts, the Winlet 575 window lifter has 6 hydraulic functions, with both lateral movement and rotation being hydraulically triggered.

The movements of the front end of the Winlet 575 window lift is 100% linear, which is required by the professional users when, for example, installing glass in prefabricated frames.

Secure and high precision

The Winlet 575 glass lift has a unique “gyro function”, which ensures that the glass is automatically maintained in the same position when an element is lifted with the main arm.

Like other window lifts, the movements can be controlled to the nearest millimeter by means of the unique cable control, which also controls activation/deactivation of the vacuum suction.

The Winlet 575 glass lift has been the equipment of choice among professional glazers/window installers and rental companies for many years.

Lifts all airtight objects

The Winlet 575 can easily be converted to lift many other materials besides windows and glass.

In some cases, this requires different types of suction cups that are easily mounted on the existing front end. This makes Winlet 575 ideal for: granite, tiles, plasterboard, concrete elements, aerated concrete, wood fiber panels, steel plates and fire doors.

Pictures and videos of Winlet 575

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