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ErgoLoader plate rack

The ErgoLoader – the efficient mobile plate rack with wheels that can receive an entire pallet of plasterboards (42 sheets) in the upright position directly from the ErgoMover Manipulator.


The ErgoLoader is equipped with 4 swivel wheels with brake for greater flexibility and safety. In addition, the board rack is also equipped with a simple mechanical safety lock to fix the rack at the desired tilt.


The ErgoLoader comes with two sets of forks. Long forks for a full pallet of plasterboards (42 sheets), and short forks for half pallets (21 sheets). When the short forks are mounted, the ErgoLoader can pass through a door opening with half a pallet of plasterboard.

Ir really is that easy!

The ErgoLoader can receive an ENTIRE pallet of plasterboard (42 sheets) in the upright position directly from the ErgoMover Manipulator. The sheets can then be left on the ErgoLoader until they are needed for mounting on the wall, optimizing the use of floor space.

The ErgoLoader is safely and easily operated by only one person.

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