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Winlet lifting worktops

KUMA is the markets largest and leading producer of molded sinks and worktops for kitchen and bathrooms. In their modern production facilities in Gadbjerg, Denmark the markets leading and widest range of materials, colors and sinks are manufactured. The core area is the production of made-to-measure worktops, with seamlessly integrated sinks for bathrooms and kitchens.

Greater demand requires larger efficiency

Growing demand for KUMAs products naturally creates a need for a high level of efficiency in the production. With worktops of nearly 300 kg. each, lifting equipment that can ensure both efficiency and security for the workers is a necessity.

KUMA worker Dan Nielsen lifts worktop of 280 kg with the Winlet 600 from GMV.

Winlet 600 vacuum lift – the flexible and effective solution

After a trial period of 3 months with the Winlet 600, the KUMA workers have experienced how great a relieve the machine has been in their work:

Production worker and safety representative Dan Nielsen says:

Before it required 3-4 people to lift and handle the worktops, but with the Winlet 600 one person can easily do the job – without straining the back at any point.

Winlet 600 is a super compact machine with a width of only 86 cm. with the possibility of placing the load on the side of the machine. This enables transport with load through doors and narrow passages.

Besides an extreme flexibility in both the production and the warehouse, this compactness gives KUMA the possibility of bringing the machine when delivering products for their customers.

Adjusted to fit KUMAs needs

KUMAs Winlet 600 vacuum lift has been adjusted to fit their need of lifting very long worktops. This is done by applying a lifting beam which will help keed the load in balance.

Dan explains:

“The lifting beam has worked very well for us. Our experience is that it is easy and simple to adjust and you don’t need to be 100% precise with lifting exactly in the middle of the load”.

Winlet lifts all airtight material

All our vacuum lifts can easily be adapted to lift a wide range of materials by changing the suction cups. This makes Winlet ideal for handling:

  • Granite
  • Concrete
  • Plasterboards
  • Steel plates
  • Wooden plates
  • Tiles
  • Fire doors
  • and much more…

Lifting capacity: 600 kg.

Side load: 300 kg.

Width: 86 cm.

Max. lifting height: 3,3 meter

Total weight: 865 kg.

The Winlet 600 is very user friendly and simple to control with the multifunctional control panel which allows for precise placement of the load.

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