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Winlet 400TL DHB HS – off-road with impressive lifting capacity and reach

  • Max lifting capacity 415 kg
  • Max side load 200 kg
  • Max lifting height 3.465 mm
    – with horisontal load
  • Max lifting height 3.100 mm
    – with vertical load
  • Width 860 mm
  • Hydraulic sideshift 100 mm
  • Rotation of front 2 x 180°
  • Operating hours 12h
  • Charging time 8-10h

Do you need an extra stabile glazing robot with off-road capabilities, extra reach and a lifting capacity of 415 kg? Then you are in the right place!

This Winlet 400TL is equipped with extra wide steering and traction wheels making it extremely stable and ideal for outdoor installations.

It has a double hydraulic boom (2 x 500 mm) and a front with hydraulic sideshift for optimal precision during installations.

Choose between two types of control systems

For this Winlet you can choose between two types of control systems. One is newly developed – the MAC (Multi Axis Control) control system. As the name implies, you can control more hydraulic functions at a time. Three preset speedlevels (10% – 50% – 100%) ensures that you have the possibility to take advantage of the higher speedlevels which only is available with 100% hydraulic machines.

Winlet 400 is of course still available with the familiar Winlet controls where you choose which hydraulic cylinder you wish to move and then control the speed 100% proportional with milimeter precision.

Pictures and video of Winlet 400TL DHB HS

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