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A flexible solution in one compact machine

At Inrotech in Denmark they are benefiting hugely from the unique mix of qualities of the Winlet Lasius 1t.

It is not always easy to eliminate heavy lifting when working in the construction or manufacturing industry. Installing expensive overhead travelling cranes or using stationary machines is often a necessity.

At GMV we have developed a product which offers a solution to these issues. Winlet Lasius 1t is a Pick & Carry crane, which excels at being extremely compact with a low point load and a higher speed than traditional spider cranes. Moreover, it does not need support wheels as spider cranes. It can be used both indoor and outdoor. Because it is battery powered, there is zero harmful exhaust gasses which means it can be used indoor without any environmental challenges.

Winlet Lasius 1t has proved its worth in these tasks:

  • Erecting steel beams and other building elements
  • Glass and façade installation
  • Machine assembly
  • Repair work
  • Packing of non-palletized goods in containers

Inrotech benefited greatly from Winlet Lasius 1t

At Inrotech A/S they develop equipment for robotic welding and in that process they need to pick up heavy material outside and carry them inside where they can be processed. Winlet Lasius 1t was perfect for the job!

“Winlet Lasius 1t has been a success all around for us. All employees are very impressed with the great efficiency and relief the machine has added to their workday, which used to includ a lot of manual lifting.”  Henrik Lenskjold, Operations Manager, Inrotech A/S.

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