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Tired of the heavy lifting

At the carpentry company Ib Lundgaard in Holstebro, Denmark they have been experiencing first-hand the consequences of the 2022 regulations regarding 3-layer windows. The glass and windows are simply getting too large and heavy to handle manually. 

Therefor they made the decision to start exploring the market of glass lifters and they ended up ordering one of our newest Winlet models – Winlet 400TL DHB HS/HR MAC.

Winlet glazing robot in uneven terrain
Winlet glass lift picking up window using vacuum

The Winlet 400TL series is equipped with large and wide wheels making the machines ideal to use outdoors in uneven terrain e.g on gravel and grass. 

Winlet glazing robot installing window with remote control
Winlet glass lift from GMV in Denmark

With this model the fine adjustment features are superior. The lifting yoke in front of the machine is suspended in a sled and can adjust a window of up to 450 kg. horizontally +/- 50 mm. The fine adjustment takes place, as on all Winlet models, with 100% linear movements for optimal precision and load safety.

Hydraulic rotation on the lifting yoke of a Winlet glass lift
Winlet glazing robot with hydraulic rotation

The lifting yoke is suspended on a hydraulic turning motor, which makes it possible to easily adapt the window to the window opening or the frame when the surface is uneven or if the glass is applied crookedly.

Installing large window with Winlet glazing robot

With the Winlet 400TL DHB HS/HR, knees, hips, elbows, shoulders and backs are spared. The glazing robot does the heavy lifting of windows and glass panels, which are easily lifted, transported and installed on renovation tasks as well as on new construction tasks.

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