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New names for the ErgoMovers

You might have noticed that some things have changed with our ErgoMovers. An ErgoMover is still an ErgoMover but we have given them new model names.

See an overview of the changes here:

Old names    New names
ErgoMover 1500 Basic    ErgoMover Go
ErgoMover 1500 Standard    ErgoMover Lift & Go
ErgoMover 1500 Manipulator    ErgoMover Manipulator

As you can see, they are still called ErgoMovers and the trolleys are still the same quality transport trolleys as always. The only difference is that now they are called something a bit more describing of what they actually do.

We know that a change in names is always a bit inconvenient and can create some confusion. But we believe that the change makes sense and will contribute to an improved overall understanding of our products.  We hope you understand that it may take some time before the names are changed on all platforms.

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