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Winlet Lasius with hydraulic winch option

Exciting news: Introducing the new winch option for Winlet Lasius! 

At GMV, we are always looking to design innovative solutions that will create value for our customers. With the new winch option for Winlet Lasius, we have set a new standard for efficiency and versatility.

So, what makes the new winch option truly remarkable? Let us share some key factors:

Adaptability and Versatility: With the addition of a 32-meter winch, the Lasius can now be utilized for both craning and as a pick and carry crane.

Safety and Durability: Powered by hydraulics, our winch guarantees inherent safety and reliability. You can count on its long-lasting performance and minimal maintenance requirements, making it a durable and safe choice.

User-Friendly: Operating the winch and other functions is a breeze with our handy remote control.

To discover how this new option can optimize processes within your projects, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

We’d love to provide you with more details and assist you in any way we can!

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