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ErgoMover Go XL for ground mats

Lift rental companies often need to lay out ground protection mats in connection with lift rental. Manual trolleys are often used but they require hard word from the operators in order to maneuver them around.

With the battery-powered transport trolley ErgoMover Go XL for 2x1m ground mats, the logistics of ground mats are effortless. The trolley drives by own force up and down truck ramps and drives easily and effortlessly – with and without load – to the position where the ground mats are to be laid out.

4 corner profiles hold the ground mats in place during transport and the trolley has integrated fork pockets and a lifting hook so that loading and unloading also is possible with a truck crane or truck. Strong lashing eyes secure the trolley during transport by truck.

Do you need a different dimension for your trolley for ground mats – please contact us for a non-binding offer.

Take a look at how easy and fast it is with ErgoMover Go XL:

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