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Effective Installation of Plasterboards with the ErgoMover System: Manipulator, Loader, and Mounter

In the bustling world of construction, innovation that enhances efficiency and reduces physical strain is essential. The ErgoMover System from CMV comprises a trio of unique units: ErgoMover Manipulator, ErgoLoader, and ErgoMounter, designed to revolutionize the way plasterboards are handled from the truck to the wall.

ErgoMover Manipulator: Vertical Lifting + Ergonomics

The ErgoMover Manipulator is a self-propelled plate trolley with the remarkable ability to set stacks of plasterboards in a vertical position. Boards up to 3,000 mm can be seamlessly placed on an ErgoLoader, freeing the ErgoMover to handle another stack or leaving the stack for individual wall mounting with the ErgoMounter. This unit eliminates the need for manual lifting, making the process efficient and ergonomic. The ErgoMover Manipulator allows the transportation of entire pallets of plasterboards directly from the crane and the option to raise them to a vertical position for wall mounting without strain on the back.

ErgoLoader: Mobile Efficiency on Wheels and Space Saving

The ErgoLoader is an efficient mobile plate holder equipped with wheels that can receive an entire pallet of plasterboards (42 sheets) in an upright position directly from the ErgoMover Manipulator. Plasterboards are stored on the ErgoLoader until ready for wall mounting, minimizing floor space usage. With two sets of forks – long forks for a full pallet and short forks for half pallets – the ErgoLoader is a versatile solution that can easily navigate through door openings with half a pallet of plasterboards. Designed for safe and easy handling by a single person, it ensures seamless operations on the construction site.

ErgoMounter: Flexible and Ergonomic Mounting

The ErgoMounter is a unique plasterboard mounting trolley designed for ergonomic and efficient wall construction. Its flexible design accommodates various panel widths and heights, providing versatility in your construction projects. Large pneumatic wheels ensure maneuverability, even on uneven floors, facilitating easy use in various work environments.

Invest in the ErgoMover System to streamline your plasterboard handling, reduce physical strain, and optimize efficiency in your construction projects.