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Winlet is a GMV brand. A series of self-propelled window and glass  lifts that can lift and handle up to 1,000 kg.

In addition to window mounting and lifting of glass panes, our Winlet lifts are ideal for lifting granite, concrete, steel plates, wooden boards and other airtight components.


ErgoMover is a GMV brand. ErgoMover plasterboard/multipurpose transport trolleys are available in several different models with a lifting capacity of up to 1,500 kg.

This means bulky loads can be transported around the building site without straining the back.


The mission of GMV A/S is to relieve manual heavy lifting in all industries and we base our solutions either on products from one of the many agencies or on our own products developed from our vast experience gained over more than 30 years. When a standard solution does not match the specific task, our engineering team designs a special solution in consultation with customers.

”We are one of the market's most experienced companies in the remediation of manual heavy lifting”

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