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Work smarter not harder

Created on Thursday, 05 Dec 2019 14:24:29

Did you know that according to Danish rules and regulations, if you have to lift more than 50 kg. it is mandatory to use lifting equipment? 

Fast-paced work environment results in injuries

Repeated manual lifting is very common in many industries. Despite of a hightened awareness on the subject as well as growing technological possibilities, injuries caused by heavy lifting are still a problem for many. 

According to 'Byggeriets Evaluerings Center' in Denmark, (Evaluation Center for the Construction industry) the number of work injuries are increasing because of the fast pace that is demanded on construction sites and in industrial companies today. 

Work smarter not harder with GMV's solutions

Our mission at GMV is to provide efficient solutions for heavy manual lifting in construction and industrial companies.We want the end user of our products and solutions, to be able to work smarter - not harder. 

Our product range consists of Winlet glazing robots, ErgoMover electric transport trolleys and a whole range of handling and lifting solutions for industrial companies. 

Winlet - the intelligent glazing robot

When using a Winlet glazing robot you are able to work more efficient and reduce the risk of injuries at the same time.

A Winlet is fast and safe - even with heavy loads. It's extremely precise because of it's linear movements in the front and it's easy to operate for everybody at the work site. 

Lean more about the Winlets

ErgoMover - for transporting heavy building material

The ErgoMover transport trolleys are designed to transport and handle heavy loads on building sites - such as full stacks of plasterboards and other building materials. 

Lean more about the ErgoMovers

Handling - solutions for heavy lifting in industrial companies

Our handling products are targeted industrial companies. We are specialized in finding the right way to eliminate repeated manual heavy lifting by using our standard products or by creating a customized solution designed specifically for the individual customer. 

Our products and solutions have proven to be useful in a large range of industries:

  • Warehouses
  • Transport and logistics
  • Food-processing
  • Pharmaceutical industries
  • Manufacturing companies

Learn more about the handling products

Get the right solution and a good offer today

 Do you want to eliminate injuries and become more efficient? Don't hesitate to contact us and let us find the right solution for your specific situation.

We have specialists with more than 30 years of experience waiting for your call! 

Call: +45 7573 8247
Write: post@gmvas.dk 

”We are one of the market's most experienced companies in the remediation of manual heavy lifting”

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Did you know that according to Danish rules and regulations, if you have to lift more than 50 kg....


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