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Inrotech found the ideal solution

Created on Friday, 28 Jun 2019 12:13:51

Winlet Lasius Pick & Carry crane at Inrotech in Odense

Inrotech A/S, Odense, the producer of robots for the industry etc. are the receivers of the newly developed Winlet Lasius Pick & Carry crane with lifting capability of 1 tone from GMV A/S in Bredsten, Denmark.

The problem

Originally Inrotech wanted to setup a rail system in the factory, but for that to happen the buildings needed to be reinforced. A self-supporting construction was rejected because of financial reasons.  

After some research online, Inrotech found GMVs Winlet glasslifts and inquired about information on lifting capacity etc.

GMV had just then finished a prototype with lifting capacity of 1 tone, which would be able to meet Inrotechs needs. So Inrotech went to Bredsten to examine the prototype.

The solution

After the visit at GMV in the fall of 2018, Inrotechs employees got a demonstration of the Winlet Lasius at the factory in Odense, where they where able to try out different work situations.

They where positively surprised about the mobility as well as the possibility of picking items from containers placed outside the factory.

The result

The staff agreed and gave their approval, after which the Winlet Lasius Pick & Carry crane was ordered.

Henrik Lenskjold, Inrotech and Lars V. Mathiasen, GMV at Inrotech in Odense

Operations Manager Henrik Lenskjold says:

”The Winlet Lasius has been a great succes for us. All the employees are very happy with the efficiency and relief this machine has given them when working with manually heavy lifting.”

GMV A/S is the producer of Winlet self-propelled glass and window lifts, ErgoMover 1500 battery powered trolleys and producer of rail systems, JIB cranes, lifting beams for the  iron, metal and glass industry all over the world.   

If you also need an ideal solution for manual heavy lifting or have any questions, please contact us at post@gmvas.dk or call us today at +45 7573 8247.

”We are one of the market's most experienced companies in the remediation of manual heavy lifting”

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