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Customer Case: No worn out workers with the ErgoMover concept

Created on Monday, 20 Apr 2020 14:31:00


The Carpenter company Børge Jacobsen A/S is putting up plasterboards. They are cladding walls in new office buildings for a large danish company. 

The music is on loud on the old radio placed in the middle of the room. 6-7 men and women are walking around the room concentrating on their work. 

But something is not quite as you may expect....Some might say they are looking a bit too relaxed. Are they even working?! There are no strenuous outbursts in awkward positions. 

On closer inspection however it is clear that efficiency is high. In fact, plasterboards are mounted faster than usual. 

The difference for Børge Jacobsen lies in the equipment used. They have invested in the ErgoMover concept for plasterboards from GMV. 

"The ErgoMover concept has been a great help for us in handling and mounting plasterboards. At the end of a working day we are not nearly as tired and worn out as usual" - says Carpenter Chairman Tonni Jensen.

The concept consists of: 

1. ErgoMover Manipulator, the electric battery powered transport trolley with hydraulic lift and 90 degree tilt.

2. ErgoLoader - a mobile plate rack that can receive an entire pallet of plasterboards. 

3. ErgoMounter transport trolley, for transporting a single plasterboard all the way to the wall for mounting. 

With these 3 products you can receive entire pallets of plasterboards from the truck, transport them inside the building, unload them onto trestles or in the ErgoLoader where they can be picked up by the ErgoMounter and mounted on the wall. Without straining your back at any point. It is as easy as that! 

Take a look at the ErgoMover in use at Børge Jacobsen A/S: 

Read more about our ErgoMovers

”We are one of the market's most experienced companies in the remediation of manual heavy lifting”

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