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It is important that the lifting equipment that are available works every day and that it meets the requirements of the authorities.

According to the orders from the Occupational Health & Safety Administrations, at least 1 time each year there must be performed safety check, incl. load test of all types of cranes/hoists. ​

Annual inspection

By using GMV to carry out the annual inspection, you are assured that the inspection is carried out by qualified personnel with years of experience. After the inspection we provide a service report, which states what has been checked. Cranes/hoists are equipped with a label, which states when inspection and load test has been carried out. We are happy to prepare a servicing agreement that ensures that we automatically carry out the annual inspection on time.​

If you experience crashes or breakdowns in your daily operations or other problems, we are always available at short notice.​ Our service vans are fully equipped to cover the problems that may arise. If you require more information or a specific quote, please send a message here

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